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Investigations Division

Civilian Complaint Unit

The Civilian Complaint Unit takes complaints from the public concerning allegations of police misconduct or brutality and allegations of other crimes for possible investigation by the Investigations Division. If appropriate, the complaints are referred to the proper governmental agencies or to bureaus within the Office for further action. The Civilian Complaint Unit may be contacted at 718-838-7040 or through the forms below.

Civilian complaint form (English/Spanish)
Police misconduct form  (English/Spanish)

Financial Frauds Bureau

The Financial Frauds Bureau focuses on the investigation and prosecution of: fraudulent schemes, scams and criminal plots to defraud the public, businesses and government agencies in the Bronx; high-value corporate and personal income tax evasion; large-scale tax fraud (such as untaxed cigarette trafficking enterprises); and organized financial crime. The Bureau works closely with other bureaus throughout the Office to identify the correlation between fraud and theft-based economic crimes, and the upsurge in violence throughout the Bronx. Further, the Financial Frauds Bureau continues to implement new technology and utilizes the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as well as strong partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement in its efforts.

Immigrant Affairs Unit

The Immigrant Affairs Unit investigates and prosecutes financial frauds and scams targeting the immigrant community in Bronx County. The Unit is also committed to aiding and encouraging the cooperation of victims, irrespective of their immigration status, who may fear cooperating with law enforcement through enhanced community outreach and proactive educational efforts. The Unit receives complaints through a toll-free helpline, walk-ins, and referrals from community-based organizations and government agencies.
1-844-590-SCAM (7226)

Public Integrity Bureau

The Public Integrity Bureau investigates and prosecutes cases involving corruption committed by public servants, government employees and elected officials. The Bureau also investigates allegations of excessive force or misconduct committed by uniformed public servants including members of the New York City Police Department and the New York City Department of Correction. Complaint forms below:

Civilian complaint form (English/Spanish)
Police misconduct form  (English/Spanish)

Rikers Island Prosecution Bureau

The Riker Island Prosecutions Bureau investigates and prosecutes criminal offenses committed on Rikers Island, which include promoting prison contraband, arson, serious assaults, sex offenses, attempted murder, and wide-ranging conspiratorial conduct. RIPB also proactively investigates and prosecutes crime drivers within Rikers Island through more complex long-term investigations into gang-related activities. Where appropriate, RIPB may initiate investigations into the broader gang-related activities taking place outside of Rikers.

Special Investigations Bureau

The Special Investigations Bureau is dedicated to conducting long-term investigations into a wide-range of criminal activity using court-authorized eavesdropping and other forms of electronic surveillance. The Bureau’s Narcotics Investigations Unit is responsible for handling complex, large-scale narcotics investigations involving major narcotics traffickers.

Violent Criminal Enterprise Bureau

The Violent Criminal Enterprise Bureau conducts proactive long-term investigations and prosecutes organized violent criminal activity, including that perpetrated by gangs in Bronx County. The Bureau also seeks to stem the flow of illegal firearms into the Bronx. The Violent Criminal Enterprise Bureau utilizes a variety of conventional and unconventional tools to enhance its investigations and cases.