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Special Victims Division

Child Abuse/Sex Crimes Bureau

The Child Abuse/Sex Crimes Bureau prosecutes all misdemeanor and felony sexual assault cases involving both child and adult victims, and most misdemeanor and felony physical child abuse cases, and all child abuse fatalities.The Child Abuse Response Unit is responsible for following up on allegations from the Administration for Children’s Service (ACS) of child sexual and physical abuse, including child fatalities. At the Child Advocacy Center, Assistant District Attorneys work closely with advocates, the NYPD, ACS, and doctors in investigating and prosecuting child sexual and physical abuse.

Domestic Violence Bureau

The Domestic Violence Bureau, which focuses on intimate partner violence, applies a two-prong approach and works closely with advocates to provide safety and services for complainants.Co-located with service providers within the Family Justice Center, the Bureau can provide legal, emotional and financial support.The Domestic Violence Bureau has worked to place similar focus on offender accountability through our creative efforts to prosecute those offenders regardless of the victims’ cooperation.The addition of the Domestic Violence Complaint Unit will enable us to fully investigate these cases at their inception while simultaneously addressing the needs of the victims.

Crime Victims Assistance Bureau

The Crime Victims Assistance Bureau (CVAB) provides comprehensive services to any Bronx resident who has been a victim of a crime or to anyone who has been a victim of a crime occurring in the borough. CVAB assists anyone, whether or not there's been a police report, an arrest, or a prosecution and regardless of the time that has passed since the incident occurred.

CVAB provides supportive services that include: crisis intervention, advocacy, individual and group therapy for the primary victim as well as family members, and assistance in filing a claim for victim compensation through the NYS Office of Victim Services. CVAB also helps victims, witnesses and their families navigate their way through the court system, explaining what the process is, and even accompanying them to court if needed.

The CVAB staff includes Crime Victim Advocates, Trauma Therapists, a Domestic Violence Advocate, a Rape Victims Advocate, as well as an Elder Abuse Advocate. In an effort to be more accessible to victims, CVAB also has a satellite office in the northeast Bronx.

Human Trafficking Unit

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office has dedicated Assistant District Attorneys who investigate and prosecute cases of human trafficking. In the Bronx, sexual exploitation in the commercial sex trade is the most prevalent form of human trafficking. The unit focuses on rescuing victims, and apprehending and convicting traffickers as well as those who patronize the commercial sex trade. A social worker embedded in the unit will work with service providers to assist victims through the trauma.


The U nonimmigrant status (U visa) is set aside for victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity. Applications are obtained through immigration counsel.

The U Visa Unit evaluates all U Visa applications through a dedicated email address ( and determines whether the application will be certified, denied or deferred. This decision is made primarily by assessing the eligibility of the case and the cooperation of the witness involved. The Unit consists of three U Visa Certifiers who are senior ADAs representing each Division, a U Visa coordinator and a Trial Preparation Assistant.