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Strategic Innovations Division

Community Justice Bureau

This Bureau provides treatment and resource opportunities to defendants in appropriate cases. The Bureau coordinates with prosecutors to facilitate these dispositions and exclusively staffs the Judicial Diversion and Treatment (JD/T) and Overdose Avoidance and Recovery (OAR) court parts. Through its Mental Health Unit, staff also offers guidance on various mental health matters, including C.P.L. § 730 questions and pleas of Not Responsible by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect.

Crime Strategies Bureau

CSB works with internal and external stakeholders, including the New York City Police Department, other state, local and federal agencies, government agencies, and community organizations to develop and implement strategies focused on reducing crime, especially violent crime, and improve public safety. The Crime Strategies Bureau harnesses innovative technologies, data science, and other information sharing techniques that promote the gathering and dissemination of actionable intelligence across the Office and the larger criminal justice system.

Technical Investigation Bureau

The Technical Investigation Bureau is comprised of the Digital Forensic Laboratory and the Video Laboratory. The Digital Forensic Lab performs forensic examinations and provides legal and technical assistance for prosecutors regarding electronic evidence. The Video Lab is responsible for recording homicide, police-involved shooting and serious felony crime scenes as well as recording suspects' statements. The Video Lab collects video surveillance at crime scenes, and duplicates, edits and prepares content for ADAs to use during grand jury presentations and at trial.

Forensic Science Unit

The Forensic Science Unit supports the forensic investigation and litigation that has now become critical to many criminal prosecutions. This unit also plays an essential role in numerous conviction integrity reviews. The unit also conducts investigations and provides office-wide training regarding DNA science, courtroom presentations, discovery, and the admission of DNA evidence.

Strategic Planning and Analytics Unit

The Strategic Planning and Analytics Unit uses cutting edge data and research analytics to support the Bronx District Attorney’s Office’s planning and policy making. The unit is responsible for measuring performance, evaluating the effects of policies and initiatives, and promoting transparency. The unit also manages the local, state and federal grants to the Office which provide critical funding to support prosecution practices, services for crime victims and community programs.

Information Technology Bureau

Information Technology develops, maintains and oversees the computer and telecommunication systems across all BXDA Offices. The Department provides both on-site and remote support of all technical issues ensuring the office’s ability to process cases in a timely manner.