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Office Numbers

Name Position Phone Number
Darcel D. Clark District Attorney 718-590-2000
Julian Bond O’Connor General Counsel 718-838-7456
Odalys Alonso Chief of Staff 718-590-2177
Derek Lynton Chief Assistant District Attorney 718-838-6647
Ben Rivera Chief of Operations and Budget / Executive Assistant District Attorney 718-838-7304
Theresa Gottlieb Chief of Trial Division 718-590-7301
Wanda Perez-Maldonado Chief of Investigations Division 718-664-2422
Joseph Muroff Chief of Special Victims Division 718-590-7345
Kerry Chicon Chief of Strategic Innovations Divisions 718-664-2298
Gina Mignola Deputy General Counsel 718-838-7199
Beverly Ma Deputy Chief of Staff 718-838-7302
Maria Cortese Deputy Chief of Operations and Budget 718-590-2073
James Brennan Deputy Chief of Trial Division 718-590-6145
Denise Kodjo Deputy Chief of Investigations Division 718-838-6286
Adrienne Giunta Deputy Chief of Special Victims Division 718-838-7280
Nicole Ortsman-Dauer Deputy Chief of Strategic Innovations Division 718-838-6195
Maria Cortese Deputy Executive Assistant District Attorney / Operations and Budget 718-590-2073
Patrice O'Shaughnessy Director of Communications 718-590-2234
Valerie Kennedy Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer 718-838-7658


Appeals 718-838-7129
Arraignments / Complaint Room 718-838-6651
Child Abuse/Sex Crimes 718-838-7176
Civilian Complaint Unit 718-590-2300
Community Justice Bureau 718-838-7614
Conviction Integrity Bureau 718-838-6141
Crime Strategies Bureau 718-838-7133
Crime Victims Assistance Bureau 718-590-2114
Domestic Violence 718-838-6688
Economic Crimes Bureau 718-838-7676
Forensic Science Unit 718-838-7269
Homicide Bureau 718-838-7232
Human Trafficking Unit 718-838-7185
Immigrant Affairs Unit 1-844-590-SCAM (7226)
Investigations Division 718-838-7040
Recruitment 718-590-2258
Litigation Training 718-838-7111
Professional Responsibility Bureau 718-838-7680
Public Integrity Bureau 718-838-7040
Rikers Island Prosecution Bureau 718-838-7270
Special Investigations Bureau 718-838-7183
Technical Investigations Bureau 718-838-7269
Violent Criminal Enterprise Bureau 718-838-7681
Detective Investigators 718-838-7211
Community Engagement Unit 718-838-7383     
Communications/Media 718-590-2234
Equal Employment Opportunity Office 718-838-6505


All correspondence should be mailed to:

The Office of the Bronx County District Attorney
198 E. 161st Street
Bronx, New York 10451

U-Visa Contact Information

Requests can be mailed to the Office with "ATTN: U-VISA COORDINATOR," emailed to or call 718-590-VISA (8472).